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What is a binding aircraft?

2022-08-12 14:17

What is a binding aircraft?
Bonding machine is a device that accurately positions IC chips on LCD glass and binds them. The whole machine is composed of PLC+HMI control core. The image automatic alignment system PV310 completes the calculation of the alignment data of the target object, and the product is transferred from the platform to the local pressure for binding and crimping after the completion of alignment and preloading.
1. Bonder adopts PLC control system, platform servo drive positioning, constant temperature heating mode, and stainless steel hot pressing head to achieve constant temperature crimping. The down alignment mode is used for crimping ICs. Product MK points are clear and automatically aligned.
2. After the equipment parameters are set according to the product requirements, the equipment automatically executes production according to various indicators.
3. Set according to different temperature, time, pressure and other data required by the product to provide data for production.
4. The bonder system automatically detects various functions of the equipment, and displays and alarms in case of failure.
5. The software decomposes and executes various mechanical actions of the equipment, which is suitable for manual production for equipment debugging.
6. Password setting and password modification can be carried out to strengthen the confidentiality of product data and the unified management of equipment.
7. The bonder does not require the operator to conduct temperature test through the instrument, and the system automatically detects and sets.
8. In the operation interface, the system will display the operation status and fault alarm display of each component.
9. The use of double start system and emergency stop switch can make the production process safer.
10. The bonder system can automatically store each IC position, and can automatically go to the IC position to be maintained as required during operation.
11. 20 kinds of product parameters can be edited and stored in advance, and can be called directly without setting again in the next use.
12. 50 kinds of IC tray data can be stored in advance, and can be called directly when using.
13. The bonder has an automatic reset function, which can ensure that it can automatically reset to the working origin under any working conditions.

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