Corporate culture

Enterprise vision: become a more valuable enterprise in the field of equipment

1. Become an excellent enterprise in the field of equipment that provides customers with the greatest value.
2. The equipment field, based on the display field, continues to extend in the upstream and downstream of the automation equipment industry.  
3. More valuable, constantly improve and optimize their own capabilities, and become a highly respected enterprise  


Corporate mission:

A. Create value for customers intelligently
1. Improve self technical level and industry competitiveness, and provide customers with excellent intellectual services and goods.   
2. Commodity: intelligent equipment, automatic components.   
3. Intelligence service: the solution of intelligent production.

B. Realize dreams for employees
1. Pay attention to employee career development and health and welfare protection, so that dedicated employees can get timely and reasonable returns.  
2. Create a fair and just enterprise environment that respects employees' ideals and development.

 C. Create interests for shareholders
1. Continuously create value for shareholders.  
2. Attract more investors willing to develop with the company.

Core values:

A. Deep cooperation
1. Open cooperation with customers and suppliers with a positive and sunny attitude.  
2. Based on kindness and people-oriented, we work together to cooperate across departments.  
B. Scientific innovation
1. Under verifiable conditions, seek truth from facts for continuous improvement.  
2. Dare to challenge the inherent thinking with bold assumptions and careful verification.  
C. Achieve win-win results
1. Continuously create value for customers, employees and partners.  
2. Be responsible for the society.