S-KING respects and attaches importance to talents, which is the only way to use

Fringe Benefits

Adhering to the concept that talents are the most valuable wealth of the company, while paying attention to the growth and improvement of each employee, we are always committed to providing more comfortable working environment, accommodation environment and competitive remuneration and benefits for employees.

Remuneration and benefits:
1. Provide competitive remuneration in the industry;
2. Enjoy the opportunity to promote the management position, with fair promotion and equal opportunities;
3. Free accommodation (equipped with air conditioner, water heater, independent shower room and toilet, etc.);
4. There are many departmental dinners and cultural activities every year;
5. Purchase social insurance and housing fund for employees in accordance with national regulations;
6. Various vocational skills training;
7. Annual tourism or outdoor expansion: The company will organize all employees to have at least one collective tourism or outdoor expansion every year.