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Campus Recruitment

2018 Campus Recruitment


1、 Company introduction:
Shenzhen S-king Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (www.szskd. com) was established in 2004. It has perfect sales and after-sales service outlets in China, covering the whole country. The company was successfully listed on the New Third Board on November 11, 2014.
        The company is an independent and innovative national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of full-automatic fitting series, semi-automatic fitting series, AOI/detection series, fingerprint module series, COG/FOG series, non-standard series and semiconductor series bonding fitting equipment. The company has a research and development team with senior engineers as the core, and has profound attainments in TP, LCD and non-standard equipment manufacturing, ensuring the progressiveness and practicality of technology, and actively developing independent intellectual property rights.
        In response to the national "Made in China 2025", the policy of "mass creation and innovation", and to serve the high-end manufacturing industry, Shenzhen Keda has successively invested in the R&D, production and sales of semiconductor post seal testing equipment and linear motor module resistor. It is committed to improving the production efficiency and quality of the automation industry.
        With the vigorous development of the domestic photoelectric glass and semiconductor industries, the company is continuing to expand its Shenzhen headquarters, which has a standard modern factory building of 24000 square meters. Shenzhen Keda continues to improve its manufacturing capacity, constantly develops core technology and processes, and is committed to becoming a first-class intelligent equipment company in the industry.

2、 Recruitment Position:

3、 Training direction:
        Mechanical drawing engineer, mechanical design engineer, electrical engineer, equipment/after-sales engineer, electrical assembly engineer, and assembly electrician.


4、 Training plan:
        The company has established multi-channel development mechanisms such as technical channels and management channels to provide employees with good career promotion routes. From the internship period, the company provides long-term and detailed career development training for employees.
        Technical post training: theoretical training on basic industrial knowledge → practical training on machining → practical training on equipment assembly and commissioning → practical training on project drawing disassembly → practical training on project design, etc


5、 Salary and benefits:
        Adhering to the concept that talents are the most valuable wealth of the company, while paying attention to the growth and improvement of each employee, we are always committed to providing more comfortable working environment, accommodation environment and competitive remuneration and benefits for employees.
Remuneration and benefits:
        1. Provide competitive remuneration in the industry;
        2. Enjoy the opportunity to promote the management position, with fair promotion and equal opportunities;
        3. Free accommodation (equipped with air conditioner, water heater, independent shower room and toilet, etc.);
        4. There are many departmental dinners and cultural activities every year;
        5. Purchase social insurance and housing fund for employees in accordance with national regulations;
        6. Various vocational skills training;
        7. Annual tourism or outdoor expansion: The company will organize all employees to have at least one collective tourism or outdoor expansion every year.


6、 Interview preparation:
      1. Resume
      2. Employment Recommendation Form (please fill in your personal information in advance)
      3. Original school transcript (sealed by the Academic Affairs Office of the school)
      4. One copy of English certificate (not required if not)
      5. One copy of ID card
      6. One copy of other certificates
      7. Employment Agreement


7、 Contact information:

        1. Contact: Mr. Chen
        2. Tel.: 13554751119
        3. Email:
        4. Company address: Shenzhen Headquarters: 10th to 11th floors, Block B, Specialized and Special New Headquarters Base, Shenzhen, Guangdong