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Be sure to know the three factors about the bonding machine

2022-08-12 14:16

Bonding machine is a kind of production equipment widely used in electronic, touch screen and other operations. Pulse heating method is used to cooperate with titanium alloy hot pressing head to quickly raise temperature and cool down after finishing, and the role of precise temperature control is useful to ensure product quality. It is mainly used for soldering the inner leads of semiconductor devices such as digital tubes, lattice, integrated circuit soft packaging, thick mode integrated circuits, transistors, etc.
1. Bonded speed
The bonding speed of the bonding machine has an impact on the control and stability of its temperature. The faster the speed of the bonding machine, the faster its temperature will rise. Because the bottom powder will resist the heat generation temperature rise when it turns down quickly, while the internal agitator blade of the bonding machine takes away the heat, and the temperature rise gradually decreases. Therefore, the speed of the bonder is fast and the temperature rises too fast, which is not conducive to the control and stability of the bonder temperature.
2. Bonded machine temperature
The temperature of the binding machine has a great influence on its binding effect. The temperature of the binding machine is too low, and the metal powder cannot be effectively bonded to the base powder. The temperature of the binding machine is too high, and it is simple to agglomerate. Therefore, the temperature control of the binding machine is very important.
3. Bonded flight time
The same time length of the bonding machine also has an impact on the metal powder, which affects the bonding effect of the bonding machine.

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