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2022-08-15 08:54

Introduction to SKD2513UV Printer Performance






Technical Parameters of SKD2513UV Printer


model SKD2513UV- Gon6
Nozzle Ricoh Gon6
Number of nozzles 2-9 optional
resolving power 600*2400dpi
Sketch printing 60m2/h
Production printing 45m2/h
Precision printing 30m2/h
Ink type  UV ink
Ink color C.M、Y、K、Lo、 Lm、W、V(gilding)
RIP software Photoprint
UV curing method LED light
data transmission USB3.0
Print maximum width 2500mmX1300mm
Print maximum thickness 100mm
Applicable materials Glass, acrylic, PVC board, wood board, car stickers, etc
Equipment dimensions 4752mmX2660mmX1620mm
Net weight of equipment 1000kg
power 6Kw (27A)
Electricity consumption Single phase rated voltage 220V ± 5%, 50Hz
Barometric pressure 0.6Mpa

Environmental requirements
Temperature 25C ± 5 ° C Humidity 55% ± 15%