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2022-08-15 08:56

Workflow of YF1191 Dispenser







Technical Parameters of YF1191 Dispenser


Working state control touch screen
Operating mode Automatic, manual and idling modes
Equipment dimensions

L * W * H=2300 * 2100 * 2420 (mm)

Height includes FFU and four-color lamp

Feeding unit Transmission power: servo+module
Precision: 0.005
Flatness: soil 0.01mm
Film tearing unit Roller viscosity: according to the material
Roller pressure: according to the material
Transfer unit Transmission power: servo+module
Precision: 0.005
Flatness: soil 0.01mm
CCD unit Alignment mode: double CCD4 point alignment
Single CCD precision: 0.0072mm
CCD resolution: 3840 * 2748
Field of vision: 26 * 22
Light source: coaxial


Glue spraying unit Printing mode: platform mobile, head fixed
Repetition precision of Y-axis printing platform: 5um
Heating function: temperature adjustable, maximum 55+1 ℃
Cleaning: automatic or manual, cleaning sponge or dust-free cloth
UV unit UV lamp type: halogen lamp, LED compatible
Wavelength 365
Laser unit Thickness detection method: line scan or point scan
Thickness measurement error:<1pm
Secondary distribution 380v, 50Hz, 40A, 16.5KW in AC 3
12mm in CDA (CDA blue pipe, HV transparent pipe)
Filter shall be installed on the pipeline connected to CDA of each equipment module
safety protection  Power distribution cabinet leakage, short circuit, overload and other protective devices, protection class IP20
High speed running component terminal safety protection (grating or protective cover)
Four color alarm lamp
Emergency stop button, quantity ≥ 5
Three level management mode of machine password setting
conserve energy ,reduce emissions
The platform enters standby mode when there is no product flow