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Test separator SKD990


2022-08-15 08:45


The dual display can rotate 270 °, and the front and back can be operated for easier control


The four claw rotary positioning assembly will not damage the customer's products during the steering and positioning process


The main rotor assembly is made of upper and lower air discs, with simple structure and easy maintenance

Technical parameters:
model SKD990
Suitable for devices SOD523/SOD723/SOD1010/SOD1006/SOD0603/DFN1006/DFN0603/DFN0402
Maximum capacity 45000 (test time less than 30ms) (psc/h)
Test station Support 6-station test
Contact type Fragment type/probe type
classification 8+1
Feed Vibrating disc
Discharge Taping
Machine stability MTBA>60minutes MTTA<30sec MTBF> 168Hours
pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
vacuum ≥65KPa
Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Marking machine parameters

10W laser marking machine; Marking range: 110mm × 110mm0mm × 70mm carving speed:~7000mm/s; Minimum character: 0.5<%=contentpcontent131221%> 3 ; Output power: 0-10W, continuously adjustable

Image parameters Camera and resolution: 400000 CCD camera (H640 x V480 pixels)/160000 CCD camera (H1280 x V1080 pixels) Accuracy: 0.012mm/pixel; Cycle time:<35ms
Bus program

High precision, fast speed, open all servo parameter settings, facilitate equipment debugging and monitoring MTBA original data records, equipment operation logs, servo alarm codes and information and other data to permanently save data

Station Station 18