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Fingerprint identification fitting line S9315A

The equipment is mainly used for DAF attaching and hot-pressing, ceramic cover attaching and hot-pressing of fingerprint module , the main body part is divided into five parts: DAF attaching, DAF hot-pressing, film peeling, ceramic cover attaching, ceramic cover hot-pressing.


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Product Description


  • Fitting accuracy (mm) Mounting accuracy of DAF ± 0.1mm Mounting accuracy of ceramic cover plate: ± 0.03mm
  • Corresponding product range Carrier plate size: 95mm * 240mm
  • Bonding accuracy (mm) 600pcs/h
  • Machine Weight: about 3000kg
  • Machine LayoutL3200 * W1200 * H2150
  • Application Range Fingerprint identification module DAF attachment and ceramic cover plate attachment


Action flow



Scope of application


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